Welcome to The 135th Canton Fair

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Welcome to The 135th Canton Fair

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Canton Fair Global Share is the same as solar sharing and solar gives you free electricity for your life.

To begin with, Lanto Power is a leading smart solar energy solution provider. Specializing in solar panel, solar power systems, portable power station, solar street light, solar floodlight, solar controller, solar inverter, solar batteries, solar water pumps, etc.

solar products

The 135th Canton Fair is scheduled to open on April 15, 2024.

The first phase: April 15-19, 2024;
The second phase: April 23-27, 2024;
The third phase: May 1-5, 2024;
Exhibition period replacement: April 20-22, April 28-30, 2024.

The first phase: electronic consumer goods and information products, household appliances, lighting products, general machinery and mechanical basic parts; power and electrical equipment, processing machinery and equipment; engineering machinery, agricultural machinery, electronic and electrical products; hardware, and tools;

The second phase: daily ceramics, household products, kitchenware, weaving and rattan crafts; garden supplies, home decorations, holiday supplies, gifts and premiums, glass crafts, craft ceramics, watches and glasses; construction and decorative materials, bathroom ware Equipment, furniture;

The third phase: home textiles, textile raw materials and fabrics, carpets and tapestries, fur, leather, down and products; clothing decorations and accessories, men’s and women’s clothing, underwear, sportswear and casual wear; food, sports and travel leisure products, luggage, medicine and health care products and medical equipment; pet products, bathroom products, personal care appliances, office stationery, toys, children’s clothing, maternity and infant products.

It’s Canton Fair now, so many friends from all over the world visit the Fair. So my clients are. We are not only business relations but also friend relations. Welcome to the 135th Canton Fair! Let’s explore the Fair and reach deals with no burden. By the way, he will have two containers of solar controllers and inverters order, thank you.

solar light

Furthermore, The Prime Minister is here, and so is the provincial governor.

Lantopower solar products

Actually, we are not only a solar products manufacturer, but also now focusing on enabling business owners. As well, entrepreneurs to source products for their businesses is also what we do.
Lanto Power will make the sourcing process easier for you:

  • International trade,
  • Chinese suppliers,
  • Chinese products,
  • Trade matching,
  • International sourcing.

What’s more, we offer a one-stop solution for all of the sourcing needs, which of your business ranging from finding the right manufacturers, facilitating procurement, and ensuring quality and logistics.

Here is the solar light feedback from our clients

Fortunately, with years of research and manufacturing experience, we convert solar energy into clean and green electricity. Solar panel, solar power systems, portable power station, solar street light, solar floodlight, solar controller, solar inverter, solar batteries, solar water pumps are exported all over the world. In addiction, we service more than 40 countries, 18,000 customers, 2,000 long-term partners, and 1,800 gold dealers worldwide with OEM, ODM, and advanced custom services.

In conclusion, we sincerely wish you a fruitful 135th Canton Fair and hope that you have wonderful and unforgettable memories!

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