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—The development and utilization of solar energy power

Founded in 2016, Lanto Power is a leading smart solar energy solution provider, specializing in solar panel, solar power systems, portable power station, solar street light, solar floodlight, solar controller, solar inverter, solar batteries, solar water pumps, etc.  Lanto is powerful on R &D, and also QC consistance control. Furthermore, we built a mini supply-chain for all the material by ourselves, like panel, plastic, cable, PCB, lithium battery, we all made by oursleves, which makes us different with common assembling factory in China.

LANTO is blueprint in Chinese, blueprint is liking a solar panel and solar panel can give us power to light up our life. We plan to draw a beautiful blueprint for power-deficient areas, filled with hope and positivity, we want to empower developing nations through our products. We are professional in solar product with so many years OEM&ODM experience on government & NGO project running. With years of research and manufacturing experience, we convert solar energy into clean and green electricity, serving more than 40 countries, 18,000 customers, 2,000 long-term partners, and 1,800 gold dealers worldwide with OEM, ODM, and advanced custom services.

Whether you need lighting or energy applications, we are dedicated to providing professional technical support and excellent services. Choose us for a green future!

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