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Solar inverter is a crucial component of a solar power system that converts the direct current (DC) electricity generated by solar panels into alternating current (AC) electricity that can be used to power homes and businesses or fed into the electrical grid. Solar panels produce DC electricity when exposed to sunlight, but most of our appliances and the electrical grid operate on AC electricity. To ensure the appropriate matching of the battery capacity for the system, it is crucial to consider the specific usage requirements of the load and application scenarios. Failing to do so can result in either insufficient battery capacity or excessive waste of power generation.

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Hybrid Inverters: Hybrid inverters combine the functions of grid-tied and off-grid solar inverters. They can work with grid power, solar panels, and batteries, allowing users to use solar energy when available, store excess energy in batteries, and switch to grid power when needed.

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We are a solar panel and lithium battery manufacturer providing you with leading solar technology at affordable prices. There are many benefits to choosing us as your solar panel installer. Includes guaranteed high-quality solar installations plus exceptional customer service, product knowledge and more.

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The development and utilization of solar energy power


Founded in 2016, Lanto Power is a leading smart solar energy solution provider, specializing in solar panel, solar power systems, portable power station, solar street light, solar floodlight, solar controller, solar inverter, solar batteries, solar water pumps, etc. Lanto is powerful on R &D, and also QC consistance control. Furthermore, we built a mini supply-chain for all the material by ourselves, like panel, plastic, cable, PCB, lithium battery, we all made by oursleves, which makes us different with common assembling factory in China.

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The development and utilization of solar energy power

LANTO Corporate Vision

LANTO is blueprint in Chinese, blueprint is liking a solar panel and solar panel can give us power to light up our life. We plan to draw a beautiful blueprint for power-deficient areas, filled with hope and positivity, we want to empower developing nations through our products.
Our Vision: Green Future
Our Value: Customer-Centric, Win-Win Collaboration
Our Mission: Lighting up your life
Whether you need lighting or energy applications, we are dedicated to providing professional technical support and excellent services. Choose us for a green future!

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    Fred Rodriquez
    Fred Rodriquez

    We are very satisfied with your company's solar street lights. Its bright lighting, impressive battery life and eco-friendly design. Installation was effortless and noticed a drastic reduction in electricity bills. This is a testament to the commitment to quality and sustainability.

    Fred Rodriquez

    We are very satisfied with your company’s solar street lights. Its bright lighting, impressive battery life and eco-friendly design. Installation was effortless and noticed a drastic reduction in electricity bills. This is a testament to the commitment to quality and sustainability.


    Frequently Asked Questions

    When the component is away from the grid connection point and the PV solar inverter should install at a place close to the grid connection point, the initial cost and the energy loss will be lower but the difference is not very obvious. If the DC cable is over 100m long, the MPPT matching loss may be caused. In the actual installation, various conditions, including cable distribution convenience and power station safety, shall be considered.

    Yes, you should keep your inverter ON all the time. Otherwise, you will lose your battery backup time due to the self-discharge of batteries. You will need to start the inverter manually every time when grid power failed.


    At night your solar panels and inverter power down. The inverter isn’t running overnight because it doesn’t want to draw power. Instead it’ll wake back up when the sun shines in the morning. Your home and solar system are connected to the utility grid.


    Inverters and their constituent components are designed and rated for certain input voltage levels. If an input voltage were to exceed this rating, it will almost certainly result in the inverter’s immediate failure. When oversizing a PV array, it is important to never exceed an inverter’s maximum input voltage.


    Your inverter should be aligned with the DC rating of the solar system itself. So, if you have a 6 kilowatt (kW) system you will need an inverter that is around the 6000 W mark to match it. It is perfectly fine if your inverter is slightly smaller or larger, but you want it to be about the same size as your system so that all of the DC current being produced can be transformed into usable AC electricity for your home.


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